Even though you are excited to get to your new home and get settled in, moving is a daunting task. Packing, unpacking, sorting, organizing, sorting, and all the other responsibilities that come with a move seem overwhelming. These unpacking tips from Cheap Movers Houston (15455 Point NW Blvd #728, Houston, TX 77095, (281) 936-0786) for setting up your new home after your move will help you enjoy your new space sooner than later.

Clean Your New Home

Although it is likely that your landlord, previous owners, or builders have cleaned your new home for you, they usually won’t do a thorough job. It’s much easier to unpack your stuff in a space that has been freshly dusted and vacuumed. Make sure to wipe out drawers, cupboards, and other spaces that will be filled.

Decide on an Unpacking Order

There are no hard and fast rules to the order of unpacking things, but you will be served best by unpacking in order of necessity. For most, this means starting with essential items like toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning products, shampoo, conditioner, soap and other personal toiletries. You will also want to find and unpack your shower curtain(s). Next, you should focus on your kitchen and sleeping areas. Make sure that you have items available for cooking and eating and take time to set up and make beds so you can crash after a long day of moving.

Break Down Moving Boxes

Take the time to break down your moving boxes as you unpack them. This serves two main purposes. First, it makes sure that you don’t miss any small items at the bottom of a box. Second, it reduces clutter while giving you a feeling of accomplishment as your stack of boxes increases.

Plan Your Rooms

Take a few minutes to come up with a plan before you unpack your rooms. This is especially relevant to rooms with many cabinets and storage spaces like kitchens and bathrooms. Taking time to plan will allow you to put things away quickly so that you can move on to the next room.

Purge Unused Items

Hopefully, you have gone through your belongings and tossed out the garbage and gotten rid of unused items. Thoughtfully unpack your items, regardless of whether they have gone through the first round of purging. Find a home for everything that you unpack, if you aren’t going to use it, throw it in the trash or sell it. Keeping unused items in your new home will only create unneeded clutter.


As you are unpacking, take note of possible organization items that you may need. Closet organizers, storage containers, and shelving will allow you to unpack your things in an organized fashion. Also, keep a couple of boxes handy, so you can reorganize as you go. You may find that you want to move items to another space or put them in a storage space like the garage, basement, or attic.

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